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Mental Health Association Of Rochester/Monroe County

Mental Health Association Of Rochester/Monroe County


Address: 320 N Goodman, Rochester, NY 14607

Phone: (585) 325-3145

Website: https://www.mharochester.org/

Category: Mental Health Services, Support Groups, Rehabilitation Programs

When your mental health takes a toll on your day-to-day life, finding the right help is crucial. These concerns affectpeople of all ages and races, and the compassionate team atMental Health Association Of Rochester/Monroe County understands this. That’s why theyoffer programs geared toward enhancing mental andemotional well-beingto residentsinRochester, NY.

For 85 years, this non-profit organization has offered unique services that strengthen the minds of their patients. Their services are focused on enhancing the individual’s ability to tend to their own mental health needs and providingthem with the tools needed to get through challenges. For example, their life skills workshop teaches effective coping mechanisms for difficult situations. They also provide free therapist referral services, so you can take charge of your mental state and find a private practice to target your concerns.

If you prefer a more intimate and relatable approach to your treatment, Mental Health Association Of Rochester/Monroe County offers peer support services. This optionmatches youwith a coach who has gone through similar trials as you. You and your peer coach willmeet regularly, one-on-one, to tackle your circumstances and make improvements to your quality of life. And if you have difficulty controlling your temper, this premier mental health facility offers anger management classes throughout the year where different strategies are discussed, so you can learn to control your fury when it arises.

For a mental health center that is focused on creating a secure and helpful environment to enhance wellness, contact the professionals at Mental Health Association Of Rochester/Monroe County. Give them a call today at (585) 325-3145 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website for more information on their extensive list of services.