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Phillip Polizzi

Wastewater Odor Control
Location : singapore


Wastewater Odor Control
As development encroaches on wastewater facilities and neighbors become less tolerant of odors, wastewater facility managers have been forced to more aggressively address the issue of nuisance odors as a primary concern. We are experts in designing systems for headworks, primary treatment, septage dumping, activated sludge basins, biosolid storage and transport and more —CuprDyne® Clean Wastewater Odor Control offers an odor elimination solution through concentrated liquids for targeted misting systems, and RTU hydrogels for bio-solids transport coverings. Through the use of common essential nutrients, CupriDyne Cleans Wastewater Odor Control Product breaks down all organically derived odors by means of 100% safe, gentle and effective oxidation that is Eco Friendly.