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Mini-Gastric Bypass

Mini-Gastric Bypass


Address: 2929 S Grand Ave, Carthage, MO 64836

Phone: (417) 206-2900

Website: https://www.mgb-surgery.com/

Category: Weight Loss

Enjoy long-term and lasting weight loss with minimal pain when you choose Mini Gastric Bypass with Dr. David Hargroder in Carthage, MO. This affordable weight loss surgery is the leading choice among patients who want to feel better without breaking the bank—or the scale. This practice’s staff is dedicated to helping you live a happier, healthier lifestyle with life-changing Mini Gastric Bypass surgery.Dr. Hargroder is a board-certified general surgeon with more than three decades of medical expertise. He has been performing the Mini Gastric Bypass for 17 years, and he learned to perform the procedure from its founder, Dr. Robert Rutledge, himself. Working closely and compassionately with those who are struggling with obesity, Dr. Hargroder has earned the title “America’s Weight Loss Doctor.” He not only understands the scientific data behind obesity, but he’s also written and spoken extensively about the subject, sharing his knowledge with others in the field.Feel confident knowing you’ll achieve your weight loss goals with a reputable expert. Mini gastric bypass is a simple stomach surgery that usually takes less than an hour and a one-day hospital stay, making it a popular choice over other weight loss surgeries. Dr. Hargroder will work with you should you need your mini gastric bypass reversed or modified.Ready to start loving life again? Now you can with transformative surgery from Dr. David Hargroder. His practice is there for you throughout the entire process of this non-invasive and powerful procedure. Call (800) 387-0514 today to speak with a team member or visit them online for more information.