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But who says that timing has to go away for good?  The next anniversary can be an exceptional opportunity to expand that post-wedding glow only a little bit more.  A thoughtful and emblematic anniversary gift will make accomplishing this that much easier.

At this point in your marriage, any patterns or habits that were set in the early stages of your relationship have been solidified, for better or worse.  It's also at this point that powerful couples start to appreciate the security their relationship provides.  They understand a lot about each other, and the two partners can be at ease with one another.

Use this knowledge that will help you select a 3rd-anniversary gift that will enhance your partner's lifetime and the status of your relationship.  This can be easy.  For instance, does your spouse always lose their gloves?  A beautiful pair of leather gloves might encourage them to become careful.  Here are a few anniversary present ideas that are specially selected for the next anniversary and the reason why they are so symbolic  article on 4 Year Anniversary Gifts

Leather -- that represents protection and touch -- is the traditional material of the first anniversary.  Crystal and glass are modern additions.  Here are is your complete guide on the third wedding anniversary.

1.  Wallet: A traditional gift that's always wanted, try slipping something special inside, like tickets to a display or a voucher redeemable for one free massage.

2.  Valet: A stylish addition to the bureau.


4.  Leather-bound book: Attempt scoring out-of-print or original edition of one of your sweetie's favorite classics.

5.  Shoes/boots: Lady in your life?  After diamonds, shoes are the next obvious option!

6.  Gardening gloves: Encourage your spouse's green thumb with a few gloves -- and a gardening apparel and bucket filled with seeds and bulbs!

7.  Purse: Did somebody say Yves Saint Laurent?


9.  Leather jacket: You can't go wrong with an investment like this.

10.  Briefcase, messenger bag or laptop bag: Get a brand new carryall to your worker bee.


12.  Saddle: Okay, maybe your sweetie isn't exactly an equestrian -- but how about a spin on a mechanical bull?  Talk about a wild anniversary!


14.  Donation to wildlife foundation or animal protector: Do not believe in leather products?  Get your sweetie an homage to animals instead.

15.  Business card or checkbook holder: it is a gift your loved one can use -- and probably would buy for himself.

16.  Twist set: A new leather table set: so chic.

17.  Leather gloves: A stylish treat for both of you.

18.  Sex toys: Restraints are always a fantastic time try something in a soft kid leather!

19.  Leather game collection: Chess, backgammon -- whatever the game, it's even more enjoyable in leather.

20.  Leather portfolio: Your artist partner will thank you with this thoughtful, useful gift.