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Migue Jackson

carpet cleaners in sale
Location : 1956 Nicholas Street Seneca,, KS, United States
1956 Nicholas Street Seneca,, KS, United States,


carpet cleaners in sale
Super Clean Carpet have been cleaning carpets and rugs for nearly half a century in Sale, Greater Manchester. The suburb and town of Sale in the North West of England is a hub of carpet cleaning activity, with many customers looking to have their carpets and upholstery cleaned to a high standard by Super Clean Carpet! The company uses eco-friendly products and solutions to clean deep down into the carpet pile in a safe way and is friendly to both people and pets. Talking of pets! Doggy odours can be removed while cleaning your rugs and carpet deodorising comes free with every carpet clean. The company has 4 staff, all highly trained to clean carpets, sofas and chairs. Stains and spots can be cleaned and traffic areas deep cleaned to remove dirt, sand, grit and grime. The company is fully insured and certified and all staff go on yearly training to keep up-to-date with the latest carpet cleaning trends and provide the best carpet or rug clean possible in Sale, Greater Manchester!