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AVA Hearing Center

AVA Hearing Center


AVA Hearing Center is centered around you and your hearing. We recognize better hearing strategies, a transcendent way of life, more prospects, and more unmistakable joy. We address broad master in Diagnostic Audiological Assessment, Hearing Aids, Assistive Listening Devices, and Aural Rehabilitation Counseling.

Hearing guides have changed a ton in the past scarcely any years. Rather than making all sounds more grounded, similar to the old kind, fresher hearing guides are better at making what you need to hear even more clear. These hearing guides additionally have excellent highlights to zero in on a speaker or abatement the degree of foundation disturbance. Current hearing associate models will have Bluetooth choices that can relate the hearing manual for a mobile phone or TV, making it less unpredictable to recognize discussion and distraction.

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AVA Hearing Center
Address: 5344 Plainfield Ave NE, Suite 4, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49525
Phone: (616) 365-1979
Email: [email protected]