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Sonoran Desert Eye Care

Sonoran Desert Eye Care


Sonoran Desert Eye Care

2211 E Pecos Rd #1
Chandler, AZ 85225

(480) 812-2211


Eye Care, Eye Doctors, Eyewear & Corrective Lenses

"Whether you have astigmatism or glaucoma or you’re nearsighted or just want a check-up, Sonoran Desert Eye Center is who you want to make your primary eye care facility. Located in Chandler, AZ, these optometrists offer a wide range of solutions for improved vision and healthier eyes.

When it comes to seeing clearer, no one offers more comprehensive vision care services than Sonoran Desert Eye Center. This facility offers eye exams to determine the strength of your vision and then follows through with offering eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct the problem. No matter your age, they have a wide range of frames to choose and will fit them with the perfect lenses for enhanced vision. If you have irregular corneas, they have scleral contact lenses so you too can get the improved vision you’re looking forward to.

Since glaucoma is one of the most common ocular disorders, this eye care facility provides regular testing to detect the condition. Depending on the severity of the condition, surgery may be necessary, which is why regular tests with these optometrists are necessary. With the experts they have on their staff, you’ll receive the eye care services you need for better vision and improved eye health.

For healthy eyes and better vision, contact Sonoran Desert Eye Center at (480) 812-2211. Whether you’re scheduling an appointment or just checking out their services, they’re more than happy and prepared to provide you with the eye care you want. You can also visit them onlineand on Facebook for additional information."