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Mosquito Killer
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Mosquito Killer

Mosquitoes are incredibly irritating and their bites annoying. Also some of the more than 3600 species of mosquitoes worldwide are important vectors of infectious diseases such as malaria or dengue fever. To get rid of mosquitos visit AntiMosquitoNet.com your specialized store for mosquito control. Best selection of mosquito metting (canopy, hat or tent), repellents (for children and adults) and mosquito bite relief. Mosquitoes are common worldwide, they are only absent in Antarctica and on some isolated oceanic islands, such as Iceland. Laboratory and field experiments have shown that mosquitoes find their blood hosts mainly through exhaled carbon dioxide and body scents. So, unless you are in a remote island or stop breathing so they can not smell your carbon dioxide, there is no hiding from mosquitoes, so be prepared and buy the best anti mosquito products.