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Liberty Power Wash

Liberty Power Wash


Should I Have My Home Power washed?

Having a professional come out and power wash your home can feel like an expense you are better of without.  This is even more true when you do not know the benefits that can come with it.  Power washing the home is an important maintenance task that should be completed.  A home’s exterior provides safety from the weather on the outside.  UV radiation, dirt, wind, animals, and insects are all prevented from coming into the home by the exterior.  The exterior keeps you safe.  However, the outside world does cause wear on the exterior of the home.  It can cause the home to become discolored and even cause damage to the home. Here are some reasons to have your home power washed.  


Moisture can build and cause damage to the outside of the home.  Grime can build and cause stains that are either hard to remove or last forever.  These stains, when allowed to sit, can lead to permanent damage to your home.  Mold can also grow and damage the home when it is not cleaned regularly.  Dirt, grime, algae, and mildew can get inside the crevices in your home and grow when not thoroughly cleaned.  Check out http://www.libertypowerwash.net/ for more information on how to protect your home from this damage.


Having maintenance done to your home regularly can save you money.  When you buy a home, you are investing time and money into your future.  Your home must remain protected.  Maintenance bills can add up when looking at them with other bills, such as your car insurance or mortgage payment.  Having preventative work completed can keep the home worth its value and prevent you from spending a lot of money on repairs.  Having the home pressure washed and keeping up with a regular maintenance routine can ensure you can remain in your home for a long time.

Are you Wanting to Paint the Outside of your home?

Many homeowners do not realize that pressure washing their home primes the home’s surface.  This means that you can prepare the exterior of your home to paint, resurface or refinish it just by pressure washing it.  When you pressure wash, the gunk on the outside of the home is removed.  The surface you are working with is clean and smooth and ready for you to paint.  Pressure washing makes sure that the finish you are applying to your home will last longer.  If you want to stain your outside deck, pressure washing helps ensure that the surface is ready, and the stain will stick.  Coatings applied to clean surfaces are more likely to last.  

Increased Health

Built-up dust in a home can affect your family’s health.  Mildew, mold, and other allergens built up on the outside of the home can lead to your family being constantly sick.  When you have your home cleaned, you are removing these things from the outside of the home.  This helps ensure that you and your family remain healthy by removing exposure to these things.  You and your family can enjoy increased health simply by keeping the outside of your home clean.