Rising Sun Tech

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Phone: Cell: +91 9799913999 Telephone: +91 (141) 2374123 FAX: +91 (141) 2361801
Website: risingsuntech.net

We took our first steps in 1997 as Sanghi Infotech but consider 2007 to be our rebirth year as this was when we started working with RubyOnRails. Before making web applications with Rails, our primary experience was working and configuring large scale Telecom billing systems like Singl.eView. Our present identity, Rising Sun was adopted in 2005. We began with 10 employees in our Jaipur office in December 2007 out of which most are still with us.

Email: risingsuntech.net
Company type: Privately Held
Company size: 11 to 50
Industry: Information Technology
Year founded: 2005
Address: Rising Sun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Sanghi Building, Near Paanch Batti, Mirza Ismail Road, Jaipur, 302001. Rajasthan, INDIA Cell: +91 9799913999 Telephone: +91 (141) 2374123 FAX: +91 (141) 2361801 E-mail: info at risingsuntech dot net